Transferring your account

Thank you to everyone for your patience during this operational transition. We grew faster than expected so we needed to upgrade our backend to keep up with our high expectations.

Our goal is to have everyone fully transitioned by June 2024 so thank you for your cooperation!

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Click the button and follow the directions below. For the best experience, we recommend going through this process on a computer.

One more time, click the button and follow the directions below. 

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Common Questions

With this new system we can implement more benefits for our members including the following:

  • Booking, rescheduling, and canceling classes online or through our app
  • Being able to book reoccurring classes
  • New members are signed up for Brivo automatically
  • A better functioning website with more technical support options
  • Member referrals are credited to membership fees
  • Better back end support to free up our team to focus on gym improvements

Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer over your card info from the previous system. The card will only be charged for the agreed upon monthly fees and any additional purchase you personally make. Your information in the previous system will be deleted.

We don’t, that’s a built in requirement for the new system that we can’t get rid of. Feel free to use [email protected] instead.

Yes we are asking that all Silver, Gold & Platinum Members sign up for classes ahead of time.  If you would like to sign up for recurring classes, you can do so through our app. 

Here’s Why:

  • If no one signs up for a class hour, the trainer might step out and miss you.
  • It’s hard for our team to know which classes are full and possibly need more room or another class option.
  • Being able to track attendance statistics helps us with securing business loans or grants.

Unfortunately, yes we need everyone to transfer over to the new system. However if you would like staff assistance with this transfer process, please go to for help options.

Only once! It’s highly unlikely that we will switch operating systems again.

As part of the transition, everyone’s Membership is connected to their Brivo account. As a result, everyone is assigned a new Brivo Pass.

Yes, unfortunately your MindBody account is different than the Wisco Barbell Account. We cannot access your personal or payment info through your MindBody account.

We appreciate you so much!


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